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Do you have ideas you want to share with the world – but you’re not sure how?

We’ll help you write a compelling non-fiction book that gets results.


Hello, we’re Laura Gladwin and Niall Kishtainy.

Between us we have decades of experience in writing, commissioning, editing and coaching first-time writers. We know exactly what it takes to create a unique, compelling book that will make a difference.


We offer coaching, courses and resources to help you plan and write a great book.


If you have skills, wisdom, knowledge or a passion that you want to share, we’re here to help you find your voice, claim your space and get your expertise out there!


It was the greatest joy and  learning experience working with you. So many things you observed or said, bits from our conversations have stayed with me, guide me still.

Rachel Roddy

Author of The A-Z of Pasta (Fig Tree, 2021), 
Two Kitchens (Headline, 2017)

and Five Quarters (Headline, 2015)

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