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but you also want to


Be sure that it's going to be
   worth your time and effort

Feel confident that there's a
  market for it

Do your ideas justice and
  make an impact

and maybe you’re

not sure


• How to find the time

Where to start, and how
   to get it published

Whether you’ve got the
   skills you need

You want to write a

book so that you can


• Establish your expertise and
  own your space

Make a meaningful contribution

Create a lasting connection
with your readers


It was only when I wrote my first book that the world I wanted to live in opened up to me.

Anaïs Nin

We’ve helped many aspiring writers who’ve been in exactly in that place – and we’ve been there ourselves, too.


Writing a book can feel daunting. But we're ready to help, whatever stage you're at. We offer all the support you need to achieve your writing aims.

Our mission is to help you


 work out where your niche in the market is

 understand who your readers are and what

    they need

 plan a book that delivers on your goals

 find the best publishing option for your project

 • build a sustainable, enjoyable writing process

    that will see your project to the end

Our approach

We're called A Desk by the Window because we believe everyone can master the two essential ingredients of good writing:


• A spirit of openness and curiosity (that’s the window).

• The craft required to hone your material and shape your ideas (that’s the desk).


Our approach embraces the untidiness of creativity as well as the discipline of good writing — because both are essential in non-fiction. We help you think clearly and concisely about what your book is for, and teach you tried-and-tested writing strategies and effective creativity techniques to get the best out of your idea.

About Laura and Niall


Between us, we have decades of experience working with authors and publishers. We’ve helped social entrepreneurs, activists, art critics, CEOs, academics, chefs, alchemists, makers and architects create their books, and we've written, commissioned and edited non-fiction books spanning the fields of art and design, craft, food, lifestyle, self-help, history, politics and economics.


We've worked with major publishers including Bloomsbury, Dorling Kindersley, Quadrille, Orion, Ebury, Pavilion, Yale University Press, Square Peg, Phaidon, Laurence King, Octopus, William Collins, Tate Publishing and Sceptre. We've also helped authors publish independently.

When we’re not obsessing over daily word counts and hunting down misplaced em-dashes, we can often be found exploring south London’s pockets of ancient woodland with our two young children, reading or

fox-spotting in the back garden.


Laura Gladwin

Laura was formerly commissioning editor at Phaidon Press, where she helped some of the world's top chefs translate their culinary visions into book form.


A freelance writer and editor for the past decade, she now works for multiple publishers in all areas of non-fiction.


As an author, her most recent books are Feast Your Eyes on Food, an illustrated compendium of culinary delights, and Celebrate With Me!, a book of festival recipes and crafts, both published by Magic Cat. See a full list of books she's worked on here.


Niall Kishtainy

Niall is passionate about the storytelling potential of non-fiction to communicate big ideas. Having previously taught in universities, he now writes for a general readership, and is skilled at elucidating specialist topics. He has also coached other writers and taught accessible writing skills.


His book A Little History of Economics has been translated into 25 languages. His new book, The Infinite City: Utopian Dreams on the Streets of London, will be published by William Collins in July 2023.

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